3v3 rey counter no gl The good news is that it’s difficult to get matches against a player with a GL unless you have one yourself. Did the Ben solo datacron make him worse? This seemed easier. More details can be found on my Discord or Patreon. I’ve been trying to take down. For the upcoming 3v3 I’m thinking GL Rey, Wat, Holdo for defense to save JTR squad for offense. Clear the rest on efficiency. Leaders are filtered separately. After a total of 17 turns made by any character, Rey can use her ultimate. . In light of the news that swgoh. Other than that, GAS could in theory work, because how much damage the ultimate does won't matter if he's standing. GAS, mirror, Imp Troopers with Starck instead of Range, CLS (very risky), and Aurra with well-modded BH. SEE, Wat, SET, Darth Maul and Darth Sideous are 100% on track to beat Reva. . (poking others may land them in damage immunity and then Rey will go and wipe your guys out) HUX pass TM to SLKR. 31 mai 2020. While I don’t have Rey or Ben, he hasn’t generated the same level of hype or buzz as CAT or Maul, the other 2 lifters who not only greatly improved the GL teams they are lifters for but also greatly transformed other teams. Based on 844 battles analyzed during GAC Season 45. . I agree to some extent, but there is no good reason for SLKR to be able to solo SEE 1v5. . Steadfast retribution why. This counter is so far extremely reliable and works against any composition i have encountered including Malaks. There are not a lot of results for this data slice. HSTR Farming Guide – Full List of Toons. Add Unit. SWGOH Grand Arena Championships Meta Squads. Swgoh. Win %. 43. Viewing all regardless of occurrances. life/gac/3v3 Counters - https://swgoh4. Had 2 now 1. Yeah considering how absurdly strong the GLs are, this is pretty much the best people without a GL or Jedi Luke can hope for. Doesn’t even need to be 7* as long as they survive long enough behind a taunting Bossk, Mando will be able to snipe KRU and OG Kylo. 3% Rey Counters. .
First round: Bossk, mando, greef, plus a lvl 8 BH datacron with decent health steal. GAC S eason 45 - 3v3. . For the upcoming 3v3 I’m thinking GL Rey, Wat, Holdo for defense to save JTR squad for offense. . . Rey has guard from Chewie and can't be crit. . . . Since we both placed our Rey on defense I had to figure out a way to get through without using my Rey. . And as I said before it’s required you to break up multiple teams. Try removing the cutoff (sets sort to "Seen"). Happened to me today when I misplayed my SLK counter in 3v3 GAC. . . I would build a healthy siphon number on SLKR, and then make sure you use SLKR ult while Rey is in her defensive stance of her ult. 8% Poe Dameron. Timestamps:0:00 Introduction14:56 Rey19:34 SLKR23:20 JML29:09 SEE30:14 JMK37:11 LV42:51 Off-Meta count. patreon. Viewing all regardless of occurrances. JML: same as the first team above. . Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances.

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